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  • Luminary Quartz

    Welcome to Luminary Quartz! We're your premier destination for high-quality quartz bangers, designed to elevate your dabbing experience to new heights. Crafted from 99.9% pure quartz, our bangers offer exceptional heat retention and unparalleled flavor preservation. Whether you're a casual smoker or a seasoned concentrate enthusiast, our carefully curated selection of quartz bangers will enhance the full potential of your favorite extracts. From open-top buckets for effortless loading to precise airflow control, our bangers are engineered to deliver smooth, flavorful hits every time. Explore our collection and discover the perfect quartz banger that meets your unique style and rig specifications. Join our community of dabbing connoisseurs and get ready to experience the purest flavors and the smoothest draws with our premium quartz bangers. Start your dabbing journey with us today!"

Why buy a Luminary QB,

As a dabber we got tired of paying an arm and leg for a banger, instead we started to look into possible ways to get a banger to the consumers yet still keep the quality. We went on a hunt for this pieces and after relentlessly working on it we found the right spot, this bangers will not disappoint you at all they have been crafted and ensured to bring you the best tastes of your oil. YOU ARE NOT ONLY HELPING US BUT YOU ARE INSTEAD SAVING YOUR POCKET FROM GETTING EMPTIED OUT FROM PAYING TOO MUCH.

  • Auto spinner

    Our Auto Spinners come with slits and set of ruby pearls and a USA made marble from @6toof

  • White Glacier Slurper

    We use white opaque instead of quartz making the banger heat up faster than regular quartz. Bringing impeccable taste.

  • Assorted USA @6toof marbles

    We collaborated with @6toof who is an artist based in Ohio all marbles are assorted colors depending on the drop

  • RUDRA 1.0

    RUDRA is a combination of regular bucket banger and slurper giving you a mixture experience of basic bucket and dish to fulfill your slurper